1st Edition

Death without Notice

ISBN 9781138636989
Published December 1, 2016 by Routledge

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Book Description

Written to help the bereaved gain the necessary knowledge and skills to move effectively through their grief. This book examines the grief you are feeling, helps you to understand what it means to mourn, and suggests some ways you can face the task of grieving.

Table of Contents

Part One contains individual experiences of those who have dealt with the sudden death of a loved one. These personal vignettes introduce chapters related to specific types of deaths in the family system, such as the death of a spouse or the death of a child. It presents the three stages of grief that I personally experienced in my own grieving process. Moving through (1) numbness, (2) disorganization, and finally (3) reorganization. As a process, grief is thought of as a difficult and time-consuming procedure that must be worked through to its end. Once the stages are completed, one may be free to begin a new life. Each stage has its own tasks to complete before moving onto the next.

Part Two focuses on recovery and growth. After the stages of grief are complete one is once again able to begin doing the things they did before their loved one's death. It outlines the journey to the beginning of a new life. It focuses on major areas of concern during grief, but unknown to the griever until the stages are complete, such as shock and adjustment. It also discusses anger, guilt, anxiety, betrayal, friendship, handling the holidays, spiritual growth, and hope, as well as other areas of importance.

Part Three provides practical applications one should know—being prepared when the death of a loved one occurs. It explains the Living Will, the Durable Power of Attorney, and other legalities after a death. Facing death is something most people want to avoid. This section also provides education about death and dying. And, finally, it gives pertinent information on explaining death to a child.

Part Four offers therapeutic exercises that can make the grief process a little easier. Grief work is an important part of the grief process. The exercises provide direct confrontation with grief and can be painful at times. It is generally a slow process and past grief may be awakened and challenged once again. It is through this pain that one grows and becomes a better person.

Poems and other inspirational messages are interspersed throughout the book in hope that they will touch the heart and inspire a deeper commitment to oneself. They are intended to nurture the broken heart and soothe a yearning soul.

Death Without Notice offers those who are suffering a way to help prepare for the aftermath of a death. It gives hope that growth is possible once the grief process is complete. It offers courage to face inevitable challenges in a renewed life.

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