1st Edition

Baroque Woodwind Instruments
A Guide to Their History, Repertoire and Basic Technique

ISBN 9781138267497
Published November 29, 2016 by Routledge
200 Pages

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Book Description

The late 17th century through to the end of the 18th century saw rapid progress in the development of woodwind instruments and the composition of a vast body of music for those instruments. During this period a large amount of music for domestic consumption was written for a growing amateur market, a market which has regrown in the latter part of the 20th century. The last 30 years has also seen the standard of performance by professionals on these instruments rise enormously. This book provides a guide to the history of the four main woodwind instruments of the Baroque, the flute, oboe, recorder and bassoon, and this is complemented by a repertoire list for each instrument. It also guides those interested towards a basic technique for playing these instruments - a certain level of musical literacy is assumed - and it can be used by students, professionals and amateurs. Advice is also given on buying a suitable reproduction instrument from a market where now virtually any Baroque instrument can be obtained as a faithful copy. This is the first book of its kind and has its origins in the wind tutors of the 18th century.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction; Choosing an instrument; Performing materials; Style and ornamentation - and overview; Notes; Sources; The bassoon; The repertoire of the baroque bassoon; Buying a bassoon; Playing the bassoon; Basic instrument maintenance; Recommended reading; Sources; Recommended music for beginners; The flute; The repertoire of the baroque flute; Buying a flute; Playing the baroque flute; Care of the flute; Notes; Recommended reading; Sources; Recommended reading for beginners; The oboe; The baroque oboe; A brief history; The repertoire of the baroque flute; Buying an oboe; Playing the oboe; Care of the instrument and common problems; Notes; Recommended further reading; Sources; Recommended music for beginners; The recorder; The repertoire of the baroque recorder; Buying a recorder; Care of the recorder; Playing the recorder; Recommended further reading; Sources; Recommended music for beginners; Appendices; Bibliography; Directory of makers, shops and suppliers; Index.

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’Paul Carroll places all music lovers heavily in his debt by writing this fascinating historical survey of woodwind instruments as they were in the immensely productive Baroque era. His detailed scholarship is deeply impressive.’ ’Paul Carroll puts everything into truly scholarly perspective. His text is superbly illustrated and the publishers have produced a book of high value’ Musical Opinion 'If you teach in a college, make sure the library has several copies. Put this book on reading lists and make sure students look at it. Baroque Woodwind Instruments is exactly what it claims to be: a good commonsense guide to their history, repertoire and basic technique; and a practical encouragement to take one or more of them up.' The Galpin Society Journal